Calgary’s Compassionate Certified Yoga Therapist

Hi, I’m Sharyl Paull, founder of Instill Yoga Therapy.

I help women (and men!) move better, feel better, and live better than they may have in years.
Whether you have troublesome symptoms or are dealing with a specific condition or diagnosis, your problems and pain can be improved. You don’t have to continue feeling stuck.
Real change is possible, and I will guide you through it with ease, patience and caring, nonjudgmental support.
Instill Yoga Therapy Can Help You With:
Back Pain - Depression - Anxiety - Chronic Stress - Hip & Knee Pain - Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain - Improved Athletic Performance - Motor Vehicle Related Injuries - Core Stability - Auto Immune Conditions - Neurological Conditions - Women’s Health/Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction

Yoga Therapy isn’t just about reducing your pain and improving your health. It’s also about:

being willing to see things differently

trying things a different way

building body-awareness and self-acceptance

helping you be present in the moment

creating change at the deepest levels so you can live a life of balance, ease and joy

If these are things you want for yourself, I invite you to connect with me.

Learn more about Yoga Therapy & experience it for yourself.


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Instill Yoga Therapy

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