Tune in to your body’s wisdom and watch your health transform.

The ultimate one-on-one experience to help you heal your body and reclaim the life you want to be living.

Imagine waking up knowing that your body is ready and able to enjoy whatever the day has in store. You can take a challenging yoga class, tend to your garden, go for a long run, or even twirl your grandchild through the air without a second thought.

The pain you suffered with for so long is no longer holding you back from doing what you love. Your constant tension and stress has faded away, and all you feel is happy, peaceful, and at home in your body.

Not only do you feel better now, you have tools and practices in place to maintain your new level of health. You’ve learned how to listen to the wisdom of your body and nurture it with ongoing self-care.

All of this is possible, and it can be your reality.

Through my Private Yoga Therapy Programs, I’ll provide you with personalized tools, exercises, and guidance to help you:

Reduce or eliminate pain

Improve posture, core stability and strength

Improve mobility and flexibility

Quiet and calm your mind

Reduce stress and anxiety

Tune into yourself in a new way, and

Move beyond what’s keeping you stuck
so you can get back to the active life that nourishes your heart and soul

Together we’ll discover your unique movement patterns, bring awareness to moving with less dysfunction and tension, and provide nurturing support so that your tired and overstrained areas can begin to feel and move better.

Working one-on-one with me is the best way to receive the benefits of therapeutic yoga.

Private Yoga Therapy Programs are ideal for you if you’re recovering from injury or illness or are highly motivated to feel stronger, move better and live the life you always imagined for yourself.

"I have been dealing with serious back issues for a number of years. The most recent re-injury involved my spinal cord and caused significant loss of function, loss of feeling, and pain in my lower body. Before seeing Sharyl, I had accepted a drastically reduced quality of life day-to-day and had accepted the fact that I would need to take pain medication for the rest of my life. I had also accepted that I may never be able to do some things again or to enjoy normal physical activity.

Yoga therapy treatment has been life changing! Working with Sharyl has been an amazing experience and has allowed me to enjoy a higher quality of life than with any other treatment I have tried! I am dramatically improved and have a well-aligned athletic body. I am actually able to run again! I never thought this would be possible.

I would highly recommend Sharyl to anyone looking for help in healing from an injury or just looking to be better aligned in their body."

—Darren, Actor

"I initially went to see Sharyl because I had back pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain from diving into a yoga practice without much bodily awareness. At that point, I was in a predicament: I loved how yoga allowed me to cope with stress, but it couldn’t be sustainable if I kept on hurting myself!

Being in pain, I was naturally drawn to Sharyl's gentler yoga classes. I didn't initially anticipate taking private yoga therapy sessions with her, but I am grateful that I did.

Within a few private sessions, my bodily pain was alleviated.

Sharyl naturally has a caring and graceful presence and is incredibly passionate about yoga and yoga therapy, so I trusted her. Because she genuinely gave me her undivided attention, I felt safe enough to share how I was doing whenever we started a session together. Depending on how I was ‘holding onto tension in life’ I was able to witness how that affected my physical body. I began to learn how to read my body which inherently signals how my inner self is ‘holding up.’ Witnessing this challenged me to become more in tune with ‘who I am’ at various levels of my life.

Sometimes I can't see how far I've come until someone from my past points out how calm I have become.

Because I witnessed how it feels to be in my body throughout Sharyl’s sessions, whenever I am out of whack, I trust that I have sufficiently adopted the life skills and awareness to get back to that calm place whenever I choose to. No matter where I go, I will always credit Sharyl with providing me the practical techniques to get myself grounded again. Thanks Sharyl!”

Mandy, PhD Candidate

Private Yoga Therapy Programs

All programs are designed on an individual basis so that we can move you forward in the most effective way.

The following are examples of what a program could look like for you:

Unwinding the Patterns of Stress — 12 Week Program

Human beings respond to stress or threat in very predictable ways. These responses are part of the fight/flight/freeze responses of our nervous system. One side of our body is set as ready to fight or run and the other side is set to slow you down. Often with movement we try to restore balance to our system by doing the same movement on each side, and when we are experiencing a lot of stress, this symmetrical movement often just makes the differences more apparent. What is sometimes needed is to restore balance through assymmetrical movement, giving one side of the body what it needs and the other what it needs. Think about a barbie doll with one arm up overhead, one bent backward and one leg bent and one leg straight and twisted - in order to bring that doll back to a symmetrical posture you would need to move all of those limbs in different ways. What I am talking about is a little like that.

In this unique program, we will meet twice a month for a private session and then a series of short, easy to follow instructional videos will be made available so that you can practice and master the healing movements taught in each module. Starting from the ground up, you will learn improve your body’s movement capabilities and counter the very predictable impact that stress has on your nervous system. The results will allow you to gain connection and function for any activities you love - right from running through to gardening. Unwind your tension patterns and get back to joy!

Module One: Lighten Your Step: Foot/ankle/tibia movement and knee function.

Module Two: Nourishing Breath: Hip, Low Back and Ribcage function

Module Three: Release Your Neck and Shoulders: Hands to head and everything in between

Breathe. Move. Heal. — 6 Month Program
Are you ready to dive even deeper and experience life-changing inner and outer transformation? Many come into this program after completing the 12 week program with me. In this program we’ll explore the way you are in life and how this impacts your body and movement patterns. You’ll learn what good biomechanics means, improve your core stability, improve your breathing, reduce stress, and realign how you are living with what is truly meaningful to you. You’ll experience mindset and physical shifts that will help you get to your goal, whether that’s being able play with your grandkids, go to yoga classes, play tennis, stay healthy as you age, or countless other things—whatever stirs your passion.  Contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Appointments are Available:

Invermere:  Monday through Thursday: 9:30am to 3:00pm

Calgary:  Wednesday's 3:00pm to 9:00pm and Friday's 8:45am to 4:00pm

Your body is talking to you. It’s time to listen.
Move beyond pain and back into an active life you love.

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