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I am in Calgary monthly to teach private sessions and workshops.

Unwinding the Patterns of Stress


Human beings respond to stress or threat in very predictable ways. These responses are part of the fight/flight/freeze responses of our nervous system. One side of our body is set as ready to fight or run and the other side is set to slow you down. Often with movement we try to restore balance to our system by doing the same movement on each side, and when we are experiencing a lot of stress, this symmetrical movement often just makes the differences more apparent. What is sometimes needed is to restore balance through assymmetrical movement, giving one side of the body what it needs and the other what it needs. Think about a barbie doll with one arm up overhead, one bent backward and one leg bent and one leg straight and twisted - in order to bring that doll back to a symmetrical posture you would need to move all of those limbs in different ways. What I am talking about is a little like that.

In this 3 month program we will meet once each month for a 90 minute movement class and you will then have access to videos that break down each of the movements to practice for the weeks between each class. These are set to build a solid foundation of nourishing movement to help you to recognize and unwind the patterns of stress.

Videos will be accessed on a secure page on my website and made available following each live class. You will be able to download these videos to continue to practice with following the program.

Join me in this upcoming workshop based program

Module One:  Lighten Your Step, Saturday, April 27 8:00am-9:30am

Module Two: Nourishing Breath, Saturday, June 22 8:00am-9:30am

Module Three: Releasing the Neck and Shoulders, Saturday, June 22 8:00am-9:30am

Where:  Yoga Shala Calgary
1511 - 19 Street NW, Calgary, AB

Investment: $285.00 +gst (just $95 per module!)
(includes 3, 90 minute workshops and several practice videos)

Looking for classes in the Invermere studio?  Check out the schedule!