Don’t have time for private sessions but need help with discomfort quickly? Then this just might be for you! Send me a description of what you are struggling with and I will use that information, and my intuition, to create a personalized movement video, along with recommendations for implementing the practice.

Includes a follow up call or email discussion where you can have questions answered and to determine if you need some additional movements.

Contact me today to get this set up and you’ll have a practice in your inbox within a day or two!

BUY NOW   $39 +gst

How does it work?

Once you have purchased the Yoga Rx through the link above, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out where you will describe the issue you need help with.  I may follow up with a couple of questions if I need more.  Then within 48 hours you will receive your movement video and recommendations via email.

Do I need any special programs or equipment?

No, you will only need a computer and internet.  The video will be shared with you as a link to a private YouTube video.

Can I ask questions if I need clarification on the movements prescribed?

Of course! I will be available to answer questions by email or quick telephone or video call depending on what is needed.  You have the option of booking a follow up call within two weeks of receiving your video.