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After years of placing yourself and your needs on the back burner, it is time to make YOU a priority. Do you want to return to the activities you once loved, but physically cannot enjoy anymore? Do you feel like you experience your body differently since childbirth? Or are things changing as you move toward menopause? Do you want to understand how to maintain the health of your pelvic floor? Do you want to be part of a community that is supportive in your journey to better health? My programs are specifically tailored to the individual needs of participants; I gently and with compassion help you increase your quality of life through breath, movement and stillness.

What’s holding you back from living the life you want?

I use principles of kinesiology and biomechanics, and the tools of yoga, to improve overall nervous system health to guide you forward in your journey. I foster community, self-empowerment, and self-awareness; I will always respect your limitations while helping you progress. Expect to be supported based on your individual needs and goals.

I know that you are ready to take control of your health.

But you want to do it in a supportive community among peers, learning from a compassionate teacher who knows the best and gentlest way to guide you and your body. This is the environment for you. I am the teacher you need.

Women’s Health Programs

Restore Your Core

This unique session will deepen your understanding of your internal structure of support, utilizing breathing techniques, therapeutic exercises and the tools of yoga including poses, mindfulness and meditation to begin to create a sense of a stable center. You will learn, and experience, how a body in balance invokes a core stability that increases energy, decreases pain and improves your overall sense of well being.

This course will primarily be delivered online. You will receive 7 weeks of audio and video content exploring pelvic floor health, breathing, pelvic awareness, spinal awareness, hip and shoulder mobiity and overall strength.

At the beginning and end of the 7 weeks we will meet live for a one hour private session to ensure the appropriate customization of your program.  I will also be available via email or video calls to have questions addressed throughout.

All audio and video content will be made available for download.  This program has been reviewed and recommended by a pelvic health physician and pelvic health physiotherapist as an excellent resource for restoring pelvic floor health and core stability.  It is always recommended that you be assessed by a physician and/or physiotherapist if you are experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Investment:  $289.00 +gst
(includes 2 private sessions and 7 weeks of supported video content)

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Your Body, Your Wisdom –
Retreat in Beautiful Invermere, BC
September 12 – 16, 2019

Taking your journey to better core-stability and health a step further, this 4 day intensive retreat will enhance your physical healing, your emotional well-being, and your understanding of Self. There is the option to enhance your experience by beginning with the online Restore Your Core program.

The retreat will begin on the evening of Thursday, September 12 at 6:30pm, then run 10am-4pm on  Friday and Sunday, with Saturday being a shorter day 10am-1:30pm to give you time on your own to integrate and have the afternoon to yourself. During the retreat we will explore pain science and how understanding pain will fundamentally change your experience of it.  We will explore mindful movement, challenge old patterns and feel new possibility in suppleness, ease and strength.  In addition there will be ample time spent out in nature – enjoying the beauty of the Columbia Valley in both time on your own and in community.  Included in the 3 full days will be delicious catered lunches made with whole and nourishing ingredients.  Monday we will have a morning practice and program wrap up.

Autumn in the Columbia Valley is a magical time, as the tourist season winds down you will enjoy a more peaceful experience of all that this beautiful and diverse area has to offer.

Contact me for more information and registration details.

Here is what a participant in the May 2019 retreat shared about her experience:  “Thanks for an inspiring, wonderful weekend. It was a welcome retreat from our busy lives and a balm for the past few difficult weeks. But most importantly, an inspiration to leap into our possibilities…..”


Contact me for more details and registration information. Space is limited to just 5 participants to ensure the best possible experience.

Class Location

Private sessions are held in Invermere, BC at 1, 755 – 13 Street

or in Calgary, AB at 4704 Bowness Road NW.

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I’m amazed at how this practice and your class has become such a big part of my life. Because of your fabulous classes and instruction, I’m at a place with my practice that I thought I’d never return to. After practicing for 20 plus years I was so saddened to think I would never be able to attend a yoga class again as my fear of being injured was so great. You’re a life changer!!!!”Patty, Entrepreneur
Thank you for the attention to detail and effort you put into each class. I appreciate your passion for instructing with specific advice and guidance on ensuring that movements are done without overextending or creating undo stress or injury. I certainly feel better after the class and find I have enough of a base to carry on my own if need be.”Blair, Retired Financial Planner

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Register Online! DSC_3363Thank you for the workshop as a whole. It’s so refreshing and liberating to feel like I have control over my body and am not a victim of its circumstances. This workshop was exactly what I had hoped for!”Kelsey