About Sharyl Paull

Sharyl Paull-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist

I believe that when you are free of pain and all the energy it draws, you truly get to show up for your life.
I believe this because I lived with debilitating pain for over 4 months following a significant injury.

At the height of my Ashtanga yoga practice, halfway through the intermediate series, I decided to push through the pain I was feeling in my body. I continued to push beyond my limits until one day my body finally had enough and my low back gave way, resulting in herniated discs and injury to my sacroiliac (SI) joints.

As a result I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t lie down. I didn’t sleep well for ages.

All of a sudden my active life came to a crawl because of pain.

Although I was a yoga teacher at the time of my injury, I knew I needed something more to help me heal. I turned to Yoga Therapy certification to give me the knowledge and tools that would help me recover and get back to my life.

Although my injury will never be fully gone, and it has taken time to heal, I’m now able to ride my bike, do a fairly intense yoga practice, and enjoy a very active, largely pain-free life again.

As someone who has lived with debilitating pain, I understand how challenging it is to not move or feel the way you want to.

It can take a toll on you not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too.

As an IAYT certified yoga therapist, I’m passionate about helping you see what’s possible again and making it a reality. Through private yoga therapy sessions or wellness programs, I invite you to experience the life-enhancing shifts that can happen through Yoga Therapy.

You have within you the ability to heal. Change is possible. I’m living proof of this.

I’ve learned that healing is a journey, and it involves creating a new kind of relationship with your body. One based on paying attention and really listening to what your body (and mind) is saying.

I can teach you how to open up a dialogue with your body.

To learn how pain or dysfunction are merely the body’s way of starting a conversation. I will teach you how to listen and begin to move purely, changing old movement patterns and improving the health of your nervous system.

I can take you from where you are now to a stronger, more supple and agile you.

A you with the wisdom to care for yourself, to have a movement practice that serves you, a meditation practice that quiets you, and a state of mind that allows you to experience love and joy and space and creativity.

You can enjoy a life where your physical limitations don’t hold you back, where the activities that feed your soul don’t leave you in pain or tired but rather rejuvenate, motivate and inspire you.

You deserve all this and more. I’d love to support you on your healing journey with therapeutic yoga.

Sharyl Paull

IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist & Founder of Instill Yoga Therapy


IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist-1000 hours, plus ongoing therapy training

Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy Mentor-currently trains new yoga therapists going through certification

Certified Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training in the Ashtanga Yoga discipline

Certified Level One Hypopressive Low Pressure Fitness (pelvic floor informed fitness)

Certified Reembody Method Apprentice, RCA and RCAP

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